The mens third team currently play in the Midlands 3A league. After a wonderful season, the third team finished second in their league, narrowly missing out on promotion due to game difference. They’re determined not to let it come down to that next year.
Graham Kemp Photo
Graham Kemp Captain
Doubles 1 Profile
David Mollett Photo
David Mollett Player
Doubles 1 Profile
Nagesh Naman Photo
Nagesh Naman Player
Singles 1 Profile
Yash Zanwar Photo
Yash Zanwar Player
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David Pang Photo
David Pang Player
Doubles 2 Profile
Reuben Cox Photo
Reuben Cox Player
Doubles 2 Profile
Ken Kong Photo
Ken Kong Player
Singles Profile
Zachery See Photo
Zachery See Player
Singles Profile
Jonathan Wu Photo
Jonathan Wu Player
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Greg Roffey Photo
Greg Roffey Player
Doubles Profile
Esmat Fauzi Photo
Esmat Fauzi Player
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