After an exceptional season, the Women’s 2nds finished at the top of division 3A, earning themselves promotion! Therefore, they will be playing in division 2A in the coming year – the same division as our women’s 1st team!
Aastha Walia Photo
Aastha Walia Captain
Doubles 1 Profile
Miranda Liu Photo
Miranda Liu Player
Doubles 1 Profile
Ruqaiyah Adamjee Photo
Ruqaiyah Adamjee Player
Singles 1 Profile
Natasha Razdan Photo
Natasha Razdan Player
Doubles 2 Profile
Rachael Ralph Photo
Rachael Ralph Player
Doubles 2 Profile
Hannah Scott Photo
Hannah Scott Player
Doubles 2 Profile
Vicky Xiao Photo
Vicky Xiao Player
Doubles 2 Profile
Jer Ning Teo Photo
Jer Ning Teo Player
Doubles 2 Profile
Alice Skippings Photo
Alice Skippings Player
Doubles Profile
Anisha Kochar Photo
Anisha Kochar Player
Doubles Profile

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