The badminton club has a strong competitive nature and that is ever present in every one of our BUCS Matches. We have 3 mens teams and 2 teams along with a development squad ever feeding us with new talent.  All our home matches are played at our own sports hall either in the Main Hall or Desso Hall. As a current or future member you can look forward to our all new sports centre coming to Warwick in spring 2019.
For the competitive newcomers, if you are interested in joining the team for the coming season, be sure to attend the team trials on 3rd October! (5-7pm for womens, 7-9pm for mens at Desso Hall)

Men's 1st
View Team Headed by Henry Jones, the competition that faces this team is very challenging, being in division 1A. Everybody in this team is a part of the performance program which means they have 3 dedicated training sessions led by our head coach Nic Strange along with strength and conditioning sessions led by Nathan Busby. They also have 1-2 match play sessions outside of training.
Women's 1st
View Team The ladies team finished second place last year in division 2A after some intense battles. Led by Kush this year, the team aiming to come 1st place in the league and get promoted to division 1. They are yet to lose to any team. Everybody in this team is also a part of the performance program.
Women's 2nd
View Team This team is captained by Aastha Walia. After a successful season last year, this team has been successfully promoted to division 2A, which, funny enough, is the same league as women’s 1st team. They will face the same opponents as women’s 1st’s and this will mean there will be two face offs between Warwick women’s 1st’s and 2nd’s!
Men's 2nd
View Team In charge of the men’s 2nd team is Adam Stagg, who just came back from a year abroad in Australia. This team came 2nd in division 2B last year after some very close games and almost got promoted. They are currently playing in division 2A where the competition is higher than the previous years, which means everyone needs to work hard!
Men's 3rd
View Team Captained by Graham Kemp, this rather large squad of 10 players is quite flexible and different players are chosen for each BUCS match. They finished 2nd in division 3A last year even though they beat the team that got promoted! Hopefully they repeat the same thing this year and get promoted!