Meet our Stringers

All of our Stringers have reputations for excellent quality, reliability and service.

Jake Thomas

Strings: BG65 Ti, BG80, BG80 Power, Aero Bite or provide your own string.

Maximum Tension: 32lbs

Stringing Type: Linear Electric

Price: £11-16.50

Jeremy Lu

Strings: Own string (£12), BG65/BG65ti (£13), BG80 pink (£15)

Maximum Tension: 29lbs

Stringing Type: Manual stringing machine

Price: £12-15

Gavin Kirby

Strings: Aerobite, BG 66 Ultimax, can get any Yonex string to order as well.

Maximum Tension: 34lbs

Stringing Type: Linear Electronic

Price: £15, £10 (own string)