Madhav Chaturvedi – President

Hi, my name is Madhav. I’m a third year Maths student, and your President for this academic year. The badminton club has been a huge part of my university life, and I’m glad to have the opportunity, along with a wonderful exec team, to help everyone else at the club have an amazing experience too! When I’m not struggling with maths or playing badminton, you can find me in the SU pretending that I know how to play pool, or in the Duck because I was too lazy to cook food.

Henry Jones

Henry Jones – Vice President

Hello everyone!! My name is Henry Jones and I am your vice-president for next year. If you don’t drink but still want to go circling, worried about your badminton ability but still want to play competitively or casually etc I will make sure that there is always something for everyone to enjoy at ALL our events. I love this sport and I love the people in the club, so if you want to get involved or just fancy a chat, I’m more than happy to do either.

Emma Gu

Emma Gu – Treasurer

Hi everyone, I’m Emma and I am currently in my third year, studying MORSE. I’m very excited to be your treasurer for next year! My job is to oversee the club’s financial accounts and ensure that we have enough money to fund our events, ranging from club sessions to team training sessions and matches. As one of the first treasurers not to play for the team, I really want to help to cultivate a more united environment within the club, regardless of ability. I am also really keen to make the club sessions a lot more fun and inclusive- we’ve already started to play music and fun games at the sessions, but more suggestions are always welcome!

Rachael Ralph

Rachael Ralph – Secretary

Hi everyone, Racquet Ralph here! (more commonly known as Rachael if you’re new). I am a 3rd year Biomedical Science student and your Secretary for 2019/20. I am part of the Badminton Team here at Warwick but my favourite hobbies are crying in Gibbet Hill during labs, sleeping on the side of the court at club sessions or pouring my emotions into the club email which you will receive every Sunday with updates, events and match reports fresh from the club. I hope your experience with UWBC is as enjoyable as mine has been and will do my best to ensure it is!

Oli Wilkinson

Oli Wilkinson – Social Secretary

Hi, I’m Oli! I’m a 3rd year maths student and the better half of your social secretary team. This year I want to create as many opportunities as possible to get everyone involved in Badminton. That includes setting up teams for other sports, entering loads of charity tournaments, and running a wide variety of exciting socials. I would also love to be able to integrate Badminton with other sports clubs at Warwick. I’ll be at loads of club sessions, and am always happy for a chat, so feel free to approach me!

Oliver O'Brien

Oliver O’Brien

Hi, I’m Oli! I’m a 3rd year mechanical engineering student and the better half of your social secretary team. My primary goal for this year is for everyone to have a good time. I joined badminton at the beginning of my second year and have been made to feel incredibly welcome, it’s now my time to do the same for all of you As well as social sec, I am also one of your welfare officers, so if you feel you need someone to talk to then I’m about. I’m pretty much never busy and regularly go to club sessions, so I always have time to answer any questions you have about socials or otherwise. P.S. Also open to suggestions for socials, I really lack creativity.

Kelvin Li

Kelvin Li – Mens Captain

Hello, I’m Kelvin and I finished my MORSE BSc degree last year (2019) at Warwick and I am currently studying Data Analytics MSc. I am this year’s men’s captain and my job is to keep the squad running smoothly with the help of the women’s captains Jasmine and Rachel, and our head coach Nic. You will see me occasionally chilling at club sessions. I love playing singles and I’m always up for some games. Besides badminton, trying out all sorts of different foods, baking cakes, playing the piano, table tennis and occasionally the game of DOTA 2 and CSGO (Feel free to add me on Steam and play together


Jasmine Wong

Jasmine Wong – Womens Co-Captain

Hi, I am Jasmine, this year’s women’s co-captain and am in my final year of studying law. Besides badminton, on my free time I like to try new foods and travel with my friends.

Rachel Wen

Rachel Wen – Womens Co-Captain

hi I’m Rachel and I’ll be one of the co-captains for the Warwick’s women’s badminton first team. Besides badminton, I love food, cooking, clothes shopping and having a game of pubg once in a while.

Olivia Roffey

Olivia Roffey – Marketting Officer

Hi! I’m Olivia, a final year history student and your marketing officer!

Ivan Cheung

Ivan Cheung – Publicity and Sponsorship Officer

Hey, I’m Ivan and I’ll be your publicity and sponsorship officer for next year! I just finished my first year of Engineering, and because of my love for eating, you can always find me playing at badminton sessions!! I look forward to playing some fun games with you all!

Anisha Kochar

Anisha Kochar – Charities Officer

Hi my name is Anisha and I am a third year MORSE student. I am your charities officer for this academic year and this year our chosen charity is Alzheimer’s Society. Badminton has been a huge part of my Warwick experience and I can’t wait to spend another year in the club. I’m really looking forward to meeting you all.

Chris Gerrett

Chris Gerrett – Webmaster

Hi all, I’m a 3rd year Electrical and Electronic Engineering student (EEE). You will struggle to find a person more passionate than me about badminton, in fact the only time you will see me out of anything but badminton gear this year will be in the photo of me here. My role means ‘I make things look good’ including this website and the badminton club live streaming. You will always be able to hear my dulcet tones commentating on all your favourite badminton matches, feel free to mute me, thats what everyone else does!

Zena Chouhan

Zena Chouhan – Committee Member

Hi everyone, I’m Zena, a 3rd year Biomedical Sciences student, and I am one of your committee members for the upcoming year. My role is to run club sessions each week which will allow me to meet and get to know you all in a fun and relaxed atmosphere. On top of this, I aim to help to generate an inclusive and friendly atmosphere within the society. I am also a keen social member, so I will be at most pop’s and other social events. When not playing badminton, you will probably also catch me burdened with lab reports and essays in the learning grid. I look forward to meeting you all!

George Brown

George Brown – Committee Member

Hello guys, I am 2nd year Theatre and Performance student and I love getting involved! I am one of the committee members so its my job you have a fun time participating at the club sessions, I am a frequent attendee of the social events, sober and non-sober. Feel free to say hello!

David Guo

David Guo – Committee Member

Hey everyone, hope you are ready to play some exciting badminton this year! My name is David, a fourth year Maths student and your final committee member for this year. Badminton has been an awesome part of my university experience and because of it, I have made many amazing friends, as well as improved my overall confidence. My role involves working alongside other execs, engaging with every member and making sure all of you are having a good time in the club. Hope to see all of you in the club sessions soon.