Chris Gerrett - President
Hi everyone my name’s Chris and I’m going into my second year studying Electrical and Electronic Engineering (MEng). For the coming year I will be your badminton club president making sure you can get involved with all of our great sessions and socials. You can look forward to having upwards of 4 club sessions a week at all times to suit everyone. I myself have been playing badminton for the last 16 years of my life (way too long) and aim to bring the joy I experience every time I set foot on court to you. I’m already looking forward to seeing all of you at the sports fair and our taster sessions in welcome week.
Greg Roffey - Social Sec

Hey my name is Greg and I am part of the Badminton’s Social Secretary Team. Working alongside Rachael to deliver epic socials and great banter. When I am not slaving away at my politics degree. I am a regular attendee at club sessions and also play on the development squad. Outside of badminton, I love grabbing control of the speaker and socialising. Whether it is over a game of Football/Pool or back at Whitefields (the ‘best’ accommodation on campus) for pre-drinks. Really looking forward to creating great memories and bring the club together as social sec.

Ginny Liu - Publicity and Sponsorship

Hi everyone! I’m your new Publicity and Sponsorship Officer for the year, I manage the sponsors related to the club and keep everyone informed about the events coming up! I’m a third year Physics student and outside of slaving away for my degree, I spend excessive time thinking about eating food, so you’ll most likely see me at club sessions attempting to burn the amount I eat. I’m more competitive of a napper than at badminton so please go easy on me. I look forward to meeting you all!

Rachael Ralph - Social Sec

Hey, I’m Rachael and I’m the better half of your social secretary duo for 2018/19 (sorry Greg!). I’m a first year Biomedical Science student and when not in labs, I play badminton for the Development Squad. I also play mixed netball, the piano, go on first aid duties with St John Ambulance and regularly attend my favourite thing at Warwick, Pop!, living up to my exec role. I may be 5”2 but don’t underestimate my power when it comes to running circle!

Miranda Liu - Vice President

Hey guys, I’m Miranda. A Maths student going into second year. I’m the new Vice President and Welfare Officer for academic year 2018-2019. My main duty is to assist the exec team to make sure the club runs as smooth as possible and to make sure that you guys are well and happy! I’ve been playing badminton for about four years and currently playing in most club and rock up sessions. Feel free to come to find me if you ever have any problems or just for a chat. Hope to meet many of you very soon.

Kelvin Li - Marketing

I am Kelvin, your new marketing officer for 2018/19. I have played for the men’s second team for the previous two years. I have three main plans to help promote the club and team for the coming year – creating a player database for our teams, execs and club members, managing the new Instagram page, and creating video match highlights for BUCS games to post onto Youtube.

Madhav Chaturvedi - Charity Officer

Hi, I’m Madhav. I’m a second year Maths student, and your charities officer for this year. The badminton club has become a huge part of making my university experience enjoyable, and I spend quite a lot of time either playing or socialising with people from Badminton. Apart from this, I like to spend my free time reading light fiction, or playing pool in the SU. I hope to be organising fun events throughout the year to fundraise for charities which help disabled people discover, or rediscover, the joy of sport.

Henry Jones - 1st Team Captain

Hi everyone, my name is Henry. I am a second-year mathematician and possibly the most Asian non-Asian I know: I study maths, play badminton and I love ramen and sushi (25% Yo Sushi student discount is insane). I like to work hard and encourage others to do the same, but I also like to play hard and my nickname is Cumbria in circle (you will find out what circle is soon, freshers) even though I live 400 miles from Cumbria. As men’s first team captain, I will be organising the team and ensure that they are training effectively in preparation for BUCS matches. In addition, I also want to foster a fun and inclusive society dynamic for everyone, so you will see me at lots of the club sessions too! I believe that next year will be the best badminton year yet: we have a friendly, hardworking exec, a competitive and enjoyable atmosphere to our team and enough sessions for all abilities.