Every year the University of Warwick Badminton Club elects a new committee to organise, manage and run our fantastic club. Every member of this unit are dedicated to bringing you the finest badminton experience possible, year after year. Each ‘exec'(utive member) has their own specific roles and responsibilities but all are there for you whenever you may need them

David Pang – President

Hi Warwick Badminton!! I’m David (or DP), your president for the 2020/21 academic year. My role is to oversee all aspects in the club and make sure everything runs smoothly, especially working around the situation with coronavirus at the moment. Badminton has been a massive part of my life from 11 years ago when I started playing. Also, I have been a part of this club since the start of my uni career, attending preseason as a fresher, where I was welcomed by some of the amazing people in the club. Outside of badminton, I am a 3rd year Maths student, although you’ll mostly find me in the sports hub (sometimes sleeping). Feel free to approach me anytime about anything; I look forward to making the UWBC experience enjoyable for everybody!

Rachael Ralph – Vice President

Hi everyone! My name is Rachael and I will be your Vice President for 2020/21. I am a 4th year Biomedical Science student, yet it surprises me I made it to 4th year since I often prioritise badminton over uni work (#oops). As Vice President, I organise the club’s termly tournaments, in addition to supporting DP with his work as President. With Covid-19 lurking about, planning events for the future will be tricky but one of my aims is to work with Emmanuella (our Charities Officer) to hold a Charity Tournament for Sports Clubs at Warwick to raise money for our chosen charity. I started playing badminton at the age of 15 when I took up it up as one of my GCSE PE sports and have fallen in love with it since. I joined the Badminton Club and Team at Warwick in my first year, and now almost 3 years on, I have developed asthma (#doubleoops) and am fulfilling my 5th exec role in the club. I look forward to seeing you all from a 2m distance whenever BoJo lets us return to the courts!

Tom Dingley – Secretary

Hi! I’m Tom and your secretary for the coming year. I’m currently in my second year studying physics. As secretary I’ll be sending these emails (aye up!, checking any messages sent in by you guys and keeping everything in the club somewhat organised. Alongside being an administrative legend, I’ll try to attend as many club sessions as possible – if you see me there, I’ll probably be trying to persuade you that eating Weetabix is, in-fact, a vitally underappreciated personality trait 😉

I’ve been playing badminton for about 4 years and virtually every day of term 1 and 2 this year (and virtually all of term 3… significant yikes). So, if you don’t see me on court or in labs, I’ll most definitely be buying chocolate milk from Rootes with the illustrious Matt ‘Doppo’ Dopson.

Can’t wait to see you all again in September!

Charlie Graham – Treasurer

Hi, I’m Charlie and I’m a 2nd year maths student. I will be your treasurer for this year, so I’ll be dealing with money requests, managing shuttle use and generally making sure we have enough money to keep playing badminton! I’ve been playing badminton since I was 12 and played on 3rd team last year. I’m a regular attendee at circles where you’ll generally find me embarrassing myself and I promise you won’t find anyone as passionate as me about sambuca. I’m very much looking forward to meeting you all and experiencing all the exciting badminton-related stuff in the coming year.

Kelvin Ho – Mens Captain

Hi everyone! I am Kelvin Ho and I’ll be the Men’s Captain in the coming year. I’m a 3rd year Management student. I have started playing badminton since 6 years old. I was a former national badminton player from Hong Kong and came to the UK in 2017. I started playing senior international tournaments this year and my highest world ranking is 155 in Men’s Doubles . I have joined the team since my first year at Warwick. The club have given me loads of support on and off court, hope to see everyone in the coming year. Thank you and stay safe!

Vidhi Garg – Marketing Officer / Womens Captain

Hi everyone, my name is Vidhi Garg and I am the marketing officer for the badminton club next year. I’m going to be a second year PPE student (one of the few who don’t do a stem subject in the exec) and will be in charge of running the many active social media accounts the club has, as well as promoting the club and making sure members stay updated on fixtures, results and social events. Badminton has been a big part of my life and uni experience and because of that I hope to be able to share the love of the sport with everyone, online. You can find me trying to catch up on sleep and playing badminton to avoid my lectures most of the time. If you have any questions about the club do not hesitate to message the Facebook, dm the Instagram or twitter or ask me if you see me come the new academic year, hopefully. I hope everyone is staying safe and see you in September!

Hello (again), I’m Vidhi and will also be the Women’s First team captain for the 2020/21 BUCS season. With this responsibility I will be helping out during try outs, BUCs match selections and keeping the teams motivated to play (and hopefully lead the team through another successful season that results in promotion). Starting badminton at the age of 7 and becoming competitive by 11 has made the sport a priority in my life for a long time. I’m usually running to training at 7am, running from training to seminars or trying to convince myself going out is not worth going to training on 2 hours of sleep. With covid season and the serious lack of badminton during this time , I hope everyone will be extra motivated to go on court in September and I hope to see many of you at trials and taster sessions. Stay safe!

Nayan Mistry – Publicity and Sponsorship

“Hi everyone, I’m Nayan and I am currently at the end of my first year studying MORSE. My role will be to secure and maintain sponsorships with new and existing sponsors. Besides playing badminton I enjoy trying out new recipes and playing my guitar. “

Matt Dopson – Social Secretary

Hi, I’m Matt and I’m your social sec for this year. I am currently in my third year studying Maths. As social sec I will be organising and running (Covid dependent) a whole host of whacky and wonderful events from everybody’s favourite Wednesday Pop! circle, to our yearly (and highly competitive) Mario kart tournament. You’ll probably find me in the sports hub most days trying to find any excuse to miss a lecture and put off my assignments until 3am (everyone knows its easier to do work at 3am), if you see a mass of hair walking around with a badminton racquet it’s probably me. I’ve been playing badminton on and off for a few years, but I’d still probably lose to most people’s Grans. Looking forward to getting a lot of you very drunk!

Jake Thomas – Tour Secretary

Hey everyone! My name is Jake and I’m your Tour sec this year. I’m a PhD student studying maths. Provided we’re allowed out of our houses Thanks Covid) I’m going to be organising all the tours this year Main, Mini and Tiny! My goal is to make them as inclusive as possible, so no matter your interests I can’t wait to see you there.

I’ve been playing badminton since I was four, no comment on how long ago that was… At uni I’ve been a member of the club and team since my first week, again no comment on the timeline.
Fun fact: My medical history is longer than my thesis. So if you can’t find me in the sports hub or maths, I’m probably in hospital. I can’t wait to see everyone in September!

Chris Gerrett

Chris Gerrett – Technology Secretary (Tech Sec)

Hi there all,

My name’s Chris Gerrett, your wonderful Tech Sec!

Studying a Masters Degree in Electrical and Electronic Engineering 4th Year)

My role is to bring you the wonderful live streaming coverage of our badminton events and matches whilst maintaining our beautiful website!

I have been playing badminton for 18 years… let that sink in. I’ve been playing longer than I’ve been in full-time education. Sadly skill does not increase linearly with time #AllThoseScienceWords, unfortunately neither does humour

As a devout non-drinker!! I am living, currently, proof that you don’t have to drink to have a great time! You’ll recognise me quickly by my constant enthusiasm for all thing’s badminton and by my bag which you could fit a large child inside of.

No matter what next year brings you’ll find me on the badminton court no matter what!

Haaris Mirza – Activities Coordinator

Hello there. My name is Haaris and I am currently studying general engineering. I am your activities co-ordinator for the year, which involves organising various leagues and events including session swaps with other clubs (and yes that means I’ve not done much so far but hopefully that will change soon enough). I started playing badminton once a week sometime in primary school with my dad and, other than the school team, never really took it much further than that despite it being one of my favourite sports. You can often find me in club sessions desperately trying to improve my backhand or just across the hall clinging to the climbing wall for dear life. I look forward to seeing you all at various club sessions and events I’ll eventually be able to sort out!

Emka Huda – Warwick Active Coordinator

Hey happy people, my name is Huda, and I am your Warwick Active Coordinator. I am hoping to meet you on the Warwick badminton league as I will organize it and am excited to welcome you and experience good games together. Maths has been a big part of my life since I can remember and here at Warwick, I am pursuing my PhD on applied Maths 2nd year). Realizing Maths would soon “kill me”, I decided to start learning how to play Badminton and joined the badminton club to keep me staying healthy and enthusiastic about my subject. Well, then apparently, I got addicted to badminton, in the right way of course, and undeniably it has become my favourite sport. I found that playing badminton is so much fun, and the time spent after joining the club was worth it- I have met my best friends there! I have been playing Badminton for almost two years now, and plan to keep playing it as long as possible in the future. See you soon and let’s rock the courts.

Emmanuella Uwaifo – Charities Officer

Hi guys! My name is Emmanuella Uwaifo, and I’m going to be your Charities Officer for 2020/2021. I am going into 3rd Year of Biology … hopefully. My role as charities officer is to try and appeal to your empathetic sides and encourage you guys to help people that we share the world with. We as university students are so privileged to get an education and a brilliant one at that, so I think that its our job to help anywhere we can. Primarily, we as a club will be helping charities through bake sales, charity tournaments and circles etc, however being charitable isn’t all about donations of money; donating your time and effort is just as good too! So, a bit about me: I’ve only been playing badminton for the last year and a half I’m sure it shows), but I just fell in love with the sport, as well as all you lovely people in the club. Obviously,

this term was cut short by the pandemic situation that we are going through, but I just wanted to remind you guys that we are still here for you as an exec team for any support you might need. I leave you with a quote by a hero of mine W.T. Pooh) “People say nothing is impossible, but I do nothing every day.” Looking forward to seeing you guys soon, stay safe, stay cool, stay woke!

Chris Pieri – Welfare Officer

Hey guys my name is Chris and I am going to be your welfare officer for next year. Barely able to hold a racket, I am living proof that you don’t have to be good at badminton to get involved. As an exec member my goal is to make the society as inclusive as possible. No matter what your badminton ability, the club is a great opportunity to meet like-minded people and get fit.