New 2022/2023 Exec will be announced on Instagram and updated on this page shortly.

Every year the University of Warwick Badminton Club elects a new committee to organise, manage and run our fantastic club. Every member of this unit is dedicated to bringing you the finest badminton experience possible, year after year. Each ‘exec'(utive member) has their own specific roles and responsibilities but all are there for you whenever you may need them

Jake Thomas – President

Hey everyone! My name’s Jake and I’ll be your president for 2021/22! I’m a 2nd year maths PhD student but I also did my undergrad at Warwick so have been a UWBC member for longer than I care to say! My role is to oversee everything to do with the club, make sure it runs smoothly and that the rest of the exec have everything they need to do their jobs. I started playing badminton when I was 4 years old, since then it has been a massive part of my life. I joined the club in my first week at Warwick and it’s been like a family to me ever since. My main goal as president is to make every single member feels as welcome as I did. Feel free to come up and say hello anytime, if you want to chat I’ll always make time or drop me a DM if you can’t catch me in person. I can’t wait to meet you guys!

Archie Layfield – Vice President

Hey everyone, I’m Archie, I am a 2nd Year History and Politics and I will be your Vice-President for the next year. As VP, my main role is to organise the club’s termly tournaments, as well as supporting Jake and the rest of the exec with their roles. I have been playing badminton since I was 9 and joined the Warwick Badminton Club on my first day at Uni, being a regular attendee of club sessions and socials. Outside of badminton, I am a massive Eurovision fan!

Leen Alkhlaifat – Secretary

“Hey my name is Leen and I’m a second year History and Politics student!! I’ll be your club secretary for this year which means you will be seeing me on your screen every week as I’ll be responsible for sending out your weekly club newsletters and arranging meetings for the club exec. Badminton has been my fave sport to play since I was 9, although I’m not very good at it 😂 which is why I decided to join UWBC in my first year which helped me meet new people who share that interest, that being said I can’t wait to meet all of you both in club sessions and the amazing socials!!”

Emily Chan – Treasurer

“Hi everyone!! I’m Emily and I’m in my second year studying EPP (economics psychology and philosophy). I’m treasurer this year so I’ll be managing money requests, overseeing shuttle usage and hopefully preventing us from going bankrupt. I started playing badminton when I was young and I started playing for Warwickshire county when I was 8. aside from training, I’m probably exclusively sleeping or going out. I’m looking forward to meeting you all at club sessions or socials next year!!”

Scott Oates – Mens Captain

“Hi everyone, I am Scott Oates, I am in my first year studying coaching and will be your Men’s Captain for the next year. I have been playing Badminton since I was around 10 years old, and I am currently the Welsh National Men’s Doubles champion. I have represented Wales at both Junior and Senior levels, most recently at the 202 European Men’s Team Championships in France. Outside of badminton, I am a keen follower of football and cricket!!”

Antrea Alexandrou – Womens Captain

“Hi everyone! I’m Antrea and I am a second year MORSE student. I will be your Women’s captain for the 2021/2022 year. My role will be to help put together the BUCS women’s teams and create a nice environment to train and compete in. Hopefully, BUCS will take place this year and we’ll get some good results!! Badminton has been a huge part of my life since I was young. I am a former player for the Cyprus National team but the last few years I’ve been playing more recreationally. Looking forward to seeing you all in September!!”

Rachael Ralph – Marketing Officer

“Hi everyone, yes it is Rachael again. How many times has she been on exec? I have recently graduated my MBio Biomedical Science degree here and am starting the Interdisciplinary Biomedical Research Doctoral Training Programme! I started playing badminton when I was 15, and have been part of the club here since my first year of undergrad. As your Marketing Officer for 2021/22, I hope to make your social media pages look as ✨snazzy✨ as possible whilst keeping you updated on what we have been up to or what we have planned. Can’t wait to meet you all soon x”

Andrew Cottingham – Sponsorship Officer

“Hi everyone! My name is Andrew, I am a second year Maths student and I’ll be your Sponsorship Officer in the coming year. My role will be focused around retaining and gaining sponsors, to help cover the club’s expenses and fund new events. I began playing Badminton in term 3 of last year, as the perfect distraction from my revision, and absolutely loved meeting loads of friendly people in club sessions and socials. I’m very much looking forward to seeing you all, both on and off the court, in September!”

David Jolliffe – Social Secretary

“Hello all, my name is David Jolliffe, I am a third year mechanical energeneering studnet and I am one half of your socials team for this year. However, since joining this club it has been determined that there are too many Davids and so I am now commonly referred to as Jolliffe! I am also one of the many STEM students that you’ll find at the club (because who needs words when you can use numbers!). This year myself and Jack (the less organised social sec) hope to help catchup on what everyone lost last year by giving you all some great sober and drinking socials that produce memories to last a lifetime. If you have any suggestions or feedback or just want to get to know more people or information about the club then please get in contact via Facebook, Instagram or at one of the many club and team sessions that you’ll find me at. Tallie-ho for now!”

Jack Watson – Social Secretary

“Hello! I’m Jack and I’m a 2nd year physics student… but my main priority, of course, is being the social sec for the badminton club (21/22). I share this role with the one and only Jolliffe and together we will be organising the club’s social events ranging from POP! to laser quest, ice skating and bowling – so stay tuned on our social media! Badminton is one of those brilliant sports that are accessible to everyone and hugely fun whether you’re a beginner or veteran. I’ve been playing on and off for about 4 years now and joining the Badminton Club has been a blast. If I’m not in the sports hub or pretending to study, I’ll probably be on my bike (providing the sun’s out). Looking forward to seeing everyone at this year’s social events (drinking isn’t mandatory).”

Donna Lin – Tour Secretary

Hi, I’m Donna, I am going into my second year studying Biomedical Science and I’m happy to be your new tour sec. As things are slowly returning to normal, I hope to work closely with other execs to ensure good tours are in place. I started playing badminton at university and it’s one of the more enjoyable sports that I do. Finally, I look forward to meeting you all soon!

Katy Harrington – Technology Secretary (Tech Sec)

Hi, I’m Katy and I will be the next tech sec for next year. I am a second year studying Cyber security. I have the impossible job of following on from the much loved Chris. My role will be to keep up the Livestream and the amazing website. I have been playing badminton for about 9 years at various different levels and I can’t wait to start playing for the uni and continue to hang out with all the members of the badminton club.

Aryam Arora – Activities Coordinator

Hi Y’all I am Aryan Arora and I going to be your activities coordinator for the academic year 2021/22. As the Activities Coordinator, my job would be to liaise with other clubs to organise some very exciting session swaps and overall try to increase the club’s presence on campus by having the club’s team take part in multiple leagues like Netball, Football, etc. As for me, I have now been playing badminton for 8 years now and am on Warwick’s Men’s Team as well as a singles player but still haven’t played for the team against another Uni 🤣😭(thanks Covid). Also, if anyone ever wants to discuss the show ‘Friends’ with me, drop me a text or give me a call and I all ears. I am pretty approachable and easy to talk to so if you ever want to have a conversation about any badminton related/not badminton related, feel free to come up to me without any worries. Looking forward to meeting everyone next year.

Matthew Gray – Warwick Active Coordinator

Hello Warwick Badminton! My name is Matthew Gray and I am a 3rd year studying Systems Engineer. I will be your active league coordinator which is a role that organises the Badminton active league. If you have questions or are interested in playing in the league, send me a message! I’ve played badminton since I was in secondary school and have been part of the badminton club since the start of my 1st year at Warwick. Aside from badminton, I enjoy playing the piano and cooking food to an edible level. Hope to see you soon on court!

Ollie Gleeson – Charities Officer

Hi everyone! My name is Ollie and I’ll be your new Charities Officer for 2021/22. I’m going into my 2nd year of Maths – and yes it is as painful as it sounds. Between struggling with my degree and struggling to play badminton, I play basketball and try my hand at cooking (key word being ‘try’). I started playing badminton in year 10, but you’d think I first picked up a racket last week if you ever actually see me play (I’m blaming covid). As charities officer, it is my job to raise money and awareness for a variety of charities working to make the world a better place, and I hope to involve as many of you as possible in this. We as a club will be helping these charities through events such as tournaments, bake sales and circles, and I look forward to working with and meeting as many of you as possible in the coming year!

Louise Ryder – Welfare Officer

Hi guys! My name’s Louise and I am your Welfare Officer for 2021/22. My focus for the year is making sure that everyone feels welcome and comfortable within the club and if there are any issues or concerns, know that I am always available to contact either through messenger or email. I first started playing badminton when I joined my high school badminton club 8 years ago and, after having a break during gcse and a-levels, have really enjoyed getting back into it since coming to Warwick! I’m looking forward to seeing everyone soon 😊 

Moh Huda – Postgraduate Rep

I am Indonesian and am a third year maths PhD student. I have been playing Badminton since my first year at Warwick. I have to admit that since then I like playing Badminton as much as I like Mathematics (probably Badminton wins my heart atm. lol). Not only do I run the club sessions, but I also run the Badminton Rock up too. It means you know how much I am passionate about Badminton. Hope to see you all on the court anytime soon.

Sam Weekes – Freshers Rep

Hi everyone, I am Sam, your Freshers Rep for the next term. My role is to provide a friendly face and organise social events for freshers so there are more opportunities to make new friends within the club. I will help answer questions and take any worries or suggestions to the exec committee. I have been playing badminton since I was 5 years old and it has been a massive part of my life ever since. I have been part of the performance squad for my first year and have been involved in most social events that were able to go ahead. Outside of badminton, I am a second year chemistry student. I look forward to meeting you all when the year starts again.