At the University Of Warwick Badminton Club we strive to maintain a high level of commitment to our constitution ensuring there is a well balanced welcoming society ready to greet anyone with a desire to play and develop their badminton skills. As a result we require everyone to stay beholden to the following code of conduct.



1.1 The name of the Club shall be the:

“University of Warwick Badminton Club”


2.1 The statement of the Mission, Aims and Objectives of this Club shall be:

The Badminton Club is one of the biggest clubs on campus. We are first and foremost committed to creating an open and all encompassing community that embraces the diversity of our four hundred members. To achieve this, we host an array of social activities, whilst supplying our members with access to over thirty hours of court time per week. During our sessions, members have access to shuttlecocks, nets and rackets at no additional cost. We encourage healthy competition at all playing abilities during our sessions and frequently provide intra-university tournaments that are catered for specific abilities. We are also dedicated in improving our member’s abilities through access to coaching. For more experienced players, the Badminton Club enters five teams (three men’s and two woman’s) in the British Universities & Colleges Sport’s leagues, and has key connections to the Warwickshire Senior Country squads. Encouraging our members to compete at Badminton England tournaments and for the Warwickshire Senior squads is a key aim for the Badminton Club. All of this is facilitated by our sponsorship agreement with FZ Forza. In essence, we aim to create a family-like environment that is inclusive and enjoyable, but also a platform for our members to develop both individually and collectively.

2.2 The Club, its funds, and all its activities shall be annually subject to review by the Club’s Executive Committee.
2.3 The Club, its funds, and all its activities shall be subject to the provisions of the Governing documents, By Laws and Financial Regulations of the Students’ Union and any policies determined by the Sports Partnership Group.
2.4 Clubs shall abide by the Students’ Union’s current Equality and Diversity Policy and By Law, and environmental policy statements which shall be included in all constitutions.
2.5 Clubs will be subject to the disciplinary procedures of the University and the Students’ Union.


3.1 The Club General Meeting shall be the sovereign body of the club. It shall elect all executive committee members of the club and may collectively decide on any matter relating to the activities of the club subject to the above points

Elections shall be carried out in accordance with the democratic regulations of the Students’ Union.
The club executive committee shall call at least one General Meeting a year for the purposes of electing all the executive committee and discussing plans and activities for the coming year. The executive committee shall give at least seven days notice of any General Meeting to all members as far as is possible and such notice shall include details of any elections to be held. The executive committee shall call further meetings either at its own initiative or at the request of 20% of the membership (as defined by the Sports Officer).
3.2 The club executive committee shall be made up of at least three voting members of which three shall be the President/Chair, and the Treasurer respectively. The General Meeting shall be free to give titles to the remaining voting members of the executive committee. At least one person should have responsibility for equality and diversity matters.
3.3 The executive committee shall be responsible for the day-to-day running of the club and may decide upon any matter which has not been decided upon by the General Meeting. The executive committee shall be further responsible for:
3.3.1 Organising the activities of the club in such a way as to include the greatest possible number of the club’s members.
3.3.2 Directing the expenditure of the club’s funds in a responsible fashion in line with the aims, objectives and planned activities of the club and the aforementioned financial regulations.
3.3.3 Formulating and submitting an annual bid for funds from the Students’ Union prior to any specified deadline which shall include a statement of activities and objectives for the coming year and a detailed justification of the figures contained within the bid.
3.3.4 Formulating and submitting any additional bids for funds from Warwick Sport or other organisations.
3.3.5 Assisting any review (including an Annual Report) of the club’s activities and use of funds carried out by the Sports Partnership Group.
3.3.6 Upholding the constitution of the club and ensuring that its aims and objectives reflect the clubs activities.
3.3.7 Communicating effectively matters relating to the club, its activities and finances as well as information from the Students’ Union, University and Sports partnership Group to the club membership
3.3.8 managing the club’s communication channels including but not limited to social media and website having due regard to related IT policies, Data Protection, Equality and Diversity and related legislation.
3.3.9 Ensuring all matters relating to the health and safety of club members during club activity are properly assessed and provided for.
3.3.10 Protecting the good reputation of the club, the Students’ Union and the University
3.3.11 The Executive will not undertake any contracts in their name given their unincorporated status. they will not undertake any contracts in the name of the Students’ Union or University without prior written agreement.
3.3.12 The Executive Committee will establish a system for the use and security of club sports equipment. At the beginning of the academic year an inventory of club equipment will be submitted to the Sports Officer
3.4 The Treasurer shall be directly responsible for the administration of any grant to the club and shall be responsible for the administration of any other income or expenditure from the clubs funds.


4.1 Membership of the club shall be open to all Full, Associate and Honorary members of Warwick Sport upon payment of the required subscription.
4.2 Only full members of the club (i.e. full members of the Students’ Union as defined in the SU’s Governing documents) shall be entitled to hold an executive committee position and vote in elections. Associate and Honorary Members or non-members of Warwick Sport are unable to hold any Executive position or participate in any vote conducted by either the Club or Warwick Sport.
4.3 Financial authority for the club shall be given to designated executive committee members of the club at the designation of the Sports Officer and the Students’ Union Student Activities Department.


Club Name:

University of Warwick Badminton Club
Date Updated 25/03/2017

This document informs members of the above club of the requirements for safe participation in their activity. Please read it carefully.

Warwick SU does not condone any activities outside the remit of this Code of Conduct and encourages individuals, in the interests of their personal safety, not to participate in activities not covered by this document.



• Members must disclose to the Badminton Exec (Anfan Li, President; Matthew Wall, Vice-President) any medical condition that may affect any first aid situation should it arise
• Members should not eat or drink large quantities at least 1 hour prior to training or participating (where applicable)
• Members are required to abide by the rules and regulations set down by the Department of Physical Education and Sport when using University facilities



Players will:
• Show respect for and treat everyone equally regardless of age, ability, gender, race, religion, ethnic origin, social status or sexual orientation. Everyone has the right to be protected from abuse
• Respect the rights, dignity and worth of every person within the context of badminton
• Play within the laws of the game and respect all officials and their decisions
• Accept the referees decision without question or complaint (let your captain or coach ask the necessary questions)
• Help injured players and opponents
• Take personal responsibility to ensure that they are suitably insured for their activities
• Wear appropriate clothing for playing badminton during training and competition
• Applaud good performance and efforts from all individuals and teams.
• Congratulate all participants on their performance regardless of the game’s outcome.
• Keep to agreed times for training and competitions, and inform the appropriate person if they need to withdraw or cannot avoid being late


Players will NOT:

• Smoke
• Consume alcohol or illegal substances
• Use any language /gestures that may cause offence to anyone on the grounds of their age, ability, sex, disability, race, background, gender status or sexual orientation
• Condone behaviour that contravenes the Badminton England Codes of Conduct or prohibited practice
• Use illegal or dangerous tactics
• Ridicule or shout at other players for making a mistake or losing a game
• Use social or any other electronic media to publicly criticise any other player or official involved in the game of badminton or otherwise bring the sport into disrepute through inappropriate communications


Levels of Competence:

• No levels of competence are required for members of the club
• Team selection will be selected at a designated Team trials date/event at the discretion of Team Captains and the team coach (Ryan Parsons)


National Governing Body Code of Practice:

• Please review:
• For codes of conduct, badminton laws and tournament regulations as indicated by Badminton England



• Club sessions will be run by the designated badminton exec as presented in the weekly timetables
• New members to the club should approach exec members present at a session for a brief introduction on guidance on the club system
• Team coaching sessions will be run by the team coach (Ryan Parsons)
• All members must follow the instructions of the coach during training sessions



• Advised: Ventilated sports tops, shorts and socks
• Essential: Non-marking, indoor court footwear
• The badminton exec responsible for running the session should ensure that all players have suitable footwear
• Equipment owned by the club shall be stored securely in the club cupboard in the storage area of the Main hall. A list of exec should be submitted to the Warwick Sport Reception to ensure that only members of the exec are authorized to take out the cupboard key
• Equipment should be suitably handled to avoid damage
• Equipment should be used under the supervision of the coach or most senior member of the club present
• Members may use their own equipment if they can satisfy the Coach, Trip Leader or Club President that the requisite safety checks have been carried out. Any refusal to meet the requirements of this procedure may result in disciplinary action.
• If the Coach, Trip Leader or President is not satisfied that the equipment has been adequately checked they will prevent the usage of this equipment by any member of the Club.



• Members are required to abide by the rules and regulations set down by Warwick Sport when using University facilities
• Members are required to abide by the rules and regulations of each and any operator of facilities used by the Club
• Members should leave the facilities in the condition that they found them in as far as is reasonably practicable


Health and Safety Responsibilities:

• Matthew Wall is responsible for Health & Safety within the club
• The club should aim to provide first aid training to at least one member of the exec every year
• The Club undertake an annual risk assessment of the hazards involved in their activity. It is the responsibility of the Club President to ensure this takes place.
• Each individual member should ensure they familiarize themselves with the risks inherent in the activity and should take every recognized precaution to avoid risk to themselves and others, as detailed in the club’s risk assessment, which is available here
• A member of the Club must have completed the ‘Club and Society Essential Skills’ training by the end of Week 4, Term 1. This training is an online module available at
• The Club Coach can act as an advisor in respect of assessing risks and should be consulted in this respect.


First Aid/ Accident Reporting:

• If an injury occurs, exec present should contact the nearest first aider (either exec member or the staff at Warwick Sport). If this occurs at an away destination, ensure that you are aware of and follow the procedures of the home institution
• Any injuries/incidents or near misses whether at training, during matches/events home or away must be reported to Matthew Wall who will ensure that they are reported to the Sports Administrator.


Social Activity:

• Club members are reminded that when participating in Club’s social activities they are representing the University of Warwick Students’ Union and the University itself.
• Behaviour deemed to be unacceptable by either the Students’ Union or the University may result in disciplinary action taken against individuals or the Club as a whole.


Club Adoptions:

• The clubs aim is that every member has an enjoyable time and that no pressure be placed on any member to do anything they may not enjoy.
• The members of the club executive are responsible for the welfare of all club members and will take necessary measures to ensure that an adequate level of safety is maintained.
• It is each individual’s choice if they attend club adoptions. Non attendance will not be a barrier to full participation in other club activities.
• Each Club Exec should notify the Sports Officer at least seven days before planned adoptions and include planned date, time, venue, content and supervisors they will have.
• At least two of the supervisors will have completed the ‘Club and Society Essential Skills’ training before adoptions take place.

• Completed by: Robert Hu (President 2016/2017)

For further details on any element of the Student Activities Health and Safety Policy, please refer to the Student Activities department safety policy, or the Sports Officer.