At the University of Warwick Badminton Club we are well aware that we as students are here at Warwick to learn. We also want as many people as possible to be able to join us on court as often as they can. To that end we are introducing a new initiative, our members are offering their help to YOU!

Click on any of the people below to get in contact with them, they are all here to answer any of your academic queries!

Henry Jones
Henry Jones – Maths
David Pang – Maths
Matt Dopson – Maths
Nayan Mistry – MORSE
Jake Thomas – Maths – PhD
Chris Gerrett
Chris Gerrett – Engineer (EEE)
David Jolliffe – Engineer (Mech)
Rachael Ralph – Vice President – Biomedical Sciences
Emmanuella Uwaifo – Charity Secretary – Biological Sciences
Tom Dingley – Secretary – Physics
Vidhi Garg – PPE