Becoming one of our club members is simple and if you’re unsure of anything, our execs are always on hand to guide you through the process. Everyone is welcome to join the club regardless of pass experience or abilities.
Step 1 - Warwick Sport Membership
To play badminton in any of Warwick Sports facilities you need to have a Warwick Sport membership. The minimum membership option for to our badminton club is the Club Pass. Sports Membership
Step 2 - Warwick SU Sports Federation Fee
This fee is from the SU and applies only once per year, so if you already have membership of another sports society you do not have to pay again. This payment of £32 goes towards the administration of all Warwick SU ran sports clubs. For ease of payment the SU has made it automatic that for the first sport membership purchase this fee will be automatically added. So now that your aware of it’s necessity move on to step 3.
Step 3 - Badminton Club Membership
Now that you’ve got this far it’s only the simple bit left. Click the button below to take you to our Warwick SU joining page. If you’re a student all you need is the standard membership. If you haven’t already paid at this point the SU Sports Federation Fee will also be added. Badminton Club Membership
Congratulations, if there was a problem or you just need someone to talk to look at the bottom right of this page and you’ll see a floating Facebook Messenger icon. Click it and you will be redirected to talking with one of our execs over Facebook. Don’t have Facebook or you would prefer to communicate by email feel free to email [email protected]