What is UWBC?

Our badminton club is proud to provide for our members a massive range of experiences and opportunities!

Casual Fun

The club is first and foremost just a friendly community of people who want to play badminton, regardless of past experience. Never picked up a raquet? No problem, all the more reason to join the club and learn to play badminton for fun and fitness.


For those talented players out there, the club is also a place to train and improve under dedicated coaches. These elite players then represent the club and university, competing against other universities. For the confident players, we also host internal community tournaments and cups for anyone to compete in.


Another major part of our club is the social opportunities provided. Since our club is one of the largest sports clubs on campus, we host many social events for drinkers and non-drinkers alike, allowing everyone to socialise with ease within our huge diverse community. Not to mention the opportunity to go on tour abroad with the club!

Welcome to the University of Warwick Badminton Club

The University of Warwick Badminton Club is one of the largest sports clubs on campus. We are a diverse community, brought together by our shared passion for badminton!

Badminton Club 2017-2018

Our badminton team is recognised by Warwick Sport as a high- performance team, which has given us greater coverage and support on campus. We have five teams, three men’s and two women’s, competing in BUCS Leagues. Each team competes in their respective BUCS Regional Cup, and we also send a selection of men and women to the BUCS Badminton Individual Championships every year. Our team has consistently scored highly in our BUCS visits throughout the years, and we tirelessly work to help all our players get even better, from the development squad all the way up to our 1st Teams. However, at Warwick we don’t just care about BUCS. We have a thriving community of club players who regularly attend club sessions, as often as 6 times a week. Regular tournaments, open to all club members, are run every term, with more than a hundred participants.

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There’s a lot more to the club than just playing badminton. We host a plethora of social events every year, which have, in the past, included Ice Hockey, Laser Quest, Bowling, Trampoline Parks and Welcome and Christmas meals. This is not to mention our highly popular All England Tournament Finals trip, which is hosted only half an hour away in the centre of Birmingham. The coup de grace is surely our annual badminton club tour, with loads of fun and hijinks, and a little badminton on the side. This year the badminton club launched off to Budapest, and had a whale of a time. (We can’t tell you much more than that, what happens on tour stays on tour!)

A word from our president

From the start of the year the badminton club is always open, welcoming and inviting to any and all ranges of players. We encourage competition in a relaxed and social atmosphere. People join the badminton club from all backgrounds, some have never held a racket before and others have played internationally but with more than 340 members there is always someone of a similar level to enjoy games with. Please feel free to come along and join us at all our social events and bring your friends with you, the badminton club is always open to new players!

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New 2019 Logo

The University of Warwick Badminton Club are delighted to introduce you to our new club logo for 2019

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